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The Borreliose Centrum Augsburg


Tel. +49 (0) 821 455 471-0



The Borreliose Centrum Augsburg (BCA) is a medical facility where Tick-borne Diseases (infections) are treated with a holistic therapy approach.  The center offers diagnostic, laboratory and therapy .  Besides Lyme Disease and Co-infections, we are also specialised in so called Multi System Illnesses, which often result in ailments and symptoms such as inflammation and severe immune-system deficits (including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Morgellons Disease).

We are very concerned about the general recognition of"chronic Lyme disease" as a real illness.  Unfortunately, many medical institutions/organisations and health insurance companies negate that tick-borne diseases, particularly Lyme disease, cause severe ailments and symptoms during the acute state, i.e. immediately or several weeks after the tick bite, but also years after the bite in case of insufficient treatment.

It is also often misjudged that besides Borrelia bacteria, so called co-infections (e.g. Chlamydia, Rickettsia, Bartonella, etc.), can also lead to similar symptoms.  Many doctors in Germany and in other parts of the world underestimate the danger and risks associated with these infectious pathogens.  These infections particularly weaken the immune defense of patients. 

You can find more information about the controversy of chronic Lyme disease, which is primarily taken place between two American organisations, in "FAQs" under point 4.

But:  not everything is chronic Lyme disease!  There are many illnesses that show similar symptoms and ailments.  Due to this, the diagnostic is very complex and needs a differential diagnosis (differentiating between many different disease patterns) in order to exclude certain diseases or confirm them (Rheumatic diseases and/or Auto-immune Diseases).



Holistic Approach to Therapy (e.g. in cases of chronic Lyme disease – overview)

Basis: Treatment with antibiotics (e.g. “Augsburg Scheme” for several weeks/months – according to the guidelines of ILADS and the recommendations of the German Borreliosis Society)

+ supporting “Accompanying therapies”, such as 


               Milieu corrections (incl. deacidification & detoxificatio

               Change of Diet/Nutrition (alkaline and anti-inflammatory)

               Selected dietary supplements

               Electro Therapies 

+ "Change of life style“ (measures of self-help that are necessary and easy to adopt for the patient)




The BCA cooperates with doctors (local, regional, national, international) and supports them as well as their patients with laboratory diagnostic for tick-borne diseases and possible co-infections, as well as successfull therapy implementation (incl. information about "accompanying therapies", change of diet, dietary supplements & natural remedies, "self-help", etc.).

We expect that doctors specialised in Lyme disease (incl. your family doctor) take you and your illness serious and listen to you.  We are aware that Lyme disease is often misjudged and chronically ill patients are classified as mentally instable or depressive.

We believe doctors should be responsible for providing all medical services (diagnosis & therapy).

Diagnostic:  Doctors perform a detailed anamnesis and induce special tests (blood analysis) to diagnose Borrelia bacteria and co-infections. They are experienced in comparing Lyme-disease with other, similar disease patterns (differential diagnosis).

Therapies:  Doctors that we support are specialised in chronically ill patients (long-term patients). They have specific knowledge of pain therapy as well as in „mental coaching“.  They diagnose and treat holistically according to the international guidelines of ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society, USA - www.ilads.org) and the recommendations of the German Borreliosis Society (Deutsche Borreliose Gesellschaft e.V.).

The main aim is the "detection" and "elimination" of Borrelia and possible other co-infections (bacteria and viruses).  This is a complex matter in case of chronic Lyme disease and usually requires a long-term antibiotic treatment with high dosed antibiotics over several months.  We are happy to send you detailed information about the treatment, if your GP is unsure about such therapies.  Under "News" and question 4 of the FAQs you will find specific articles to download.

In case of chronic infectious diseases, which are often responsible for ailments and pain, the importance of treating chronic inflammation is often underestimated.  Chronic inflammation are responsible for ailments and pain in most cases.  It is essential to restore the weakened immune system and reactivate it.  From our experience accompanying therapies are necessary in addition to the antibiotic treatment.  You can find further information under "Therapies".

Note:  Patients who do not wish to undergo an antibiotic treatment, can also get information about alternative therapy plans (e.g. based on photon-therapy in combination with natural remedies and accompanying therapies).

From our experience we can say that chronic Lyme disease can be successfully treated in many cases, only in very few cases an improvement of symptoms cannot be accomplished.  A long-term antibiotic treatment is a "must" in most cases.  With the help of supporting "accompanying therapies" and "self-help" measures (Link) patients can improve the effectiveness of the medication (usually antibiotics), strengthen the immune system and effectively eliminate Borrelia and co-infections.

For chronically ill and long-term patients we recommend the "Lyme Compact Treatment" for 5 days or longer, which is offered in the Medical Partnership Dr. C. Nicolaus & Dr. A. Schwarzbach.  The therapists support and coach you in all aspects of necessary lifestyle changes (mental/exercise/nutrition). If you cannot spare the time for a long term treatment at the BCA, we will introduce you to the therapies and will instruct your attending doctor at home to continue the treatment.


The aim of the holistic therapy is to help patients become symptom-free faster and integrate again into their private and professional surroundings. We want you to regain the belief for a future without Lyme disease.








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Hermann 27/05/2015 14:30


Suite a plusieurs articles contradictoire sur la BCA, Es que cette clinique est vraiment fiable ???
Vue le prix , je suis septique !!! ( 8000 euros ) Merci de vos réponse !!!