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12 février 2012 7 12 /02 /février /2012 21:25
Long-term follow-up of cognitive dysfunction in patients with aluminum hydroxide-induced macrophagic myofasciitis (MMF).

AuthorsPasseri E, et al. Show all Journal
J Inorg Biochem. 2011 Nov;105(11):1457-63. Epub 2011 Aug 22.

Paris Est-Creteil University & Henri-Mondor University Hospital (APHP): Reference Center for Neuromuscular Diseases Garches-Necker-Mondor-Hendaye, Creteil, F-94010, France.

Macrophagic myofasciitis (MMF) is characterized by specific muscle lesions assessing long-term persistence of aluminum hydroxide within macrophages at the site of previous immunization.

Affected patients are middle-aged adults, mainly presenting with diffuse arthromyalgias, chronic fatigue, and cognitive dysfunction.

Representative features of MMF-associated cognitive dysfunction (MACD) include (i) dysexecutive syndrome; (i) visual memory; (iii) left ear extinction at dichotic listening test. In present study we retrospectively evaluated the progression of MACD in 30 MMF patients.

Most patients fulfilled criteria for non-amnestic/dysexecutive mild cognitive impairment, even if some cognitive deficits seemed unusually severe.

MACD remained stable over time, although dysexecutive syndrome tended to worsen. Long-term follow-up of a subset of patients with 3 or 4 consecutive neuropsychological evaluations confirmed the stability of MACD with time, despite marked fluctuations.

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ameli 01/06/2012 13:48

Que pensez vous du danger de l'aluminium et le vaccin?