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14 avril 2013 7 14 /04 /avril /2013 08:32
Dear Speakers, friends and colleagues As advocates and professionals involved in the care of patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder, we draw your attention to the attached scientific review entitled “Medical Comorbidities in Autism Spectrum Disorder”. We are seeking your support in raising awareness regarding the issues highlighted by this report, namely the unmet medical needs of people with autism and in assisting us to take the required actions to remedy this grave situation. The review presents a summary of the available evidence to date and demonstrates the co-existing illnesses underlying ASD. Particularly it illustrates that: · Medical comorbidities are highly prevalent but underdiagnosed both in children and adults with ASD, resulting in higher levels of suffering and mortality in this population · Aggression, head-banging and other types of self-harm, are mistakenly ascribed to an ‘autism behaviour’ or psychiatric comorbidity when instead patients commonly suffers from a medical impediment · When co-existing conditions are treated, there can be significant improvements in the health status, quality of life and overall level of functioning of persons with ASD · Reducing the severity of symptoms and aberrant behaviours of affected individuals through appropriate clinical management of underlying medical issues can lead to a reduction in the costs of specialist support services It is clear from the evidence therein that any child or adults diagnosed with autism should receive a full medical examination, to inform treatment and management of comorbid illness in each individual case. To this end our charities are taking the necessary steps to ensure that the existing NICE and SIGN guidelines are updated to reflect the most recent scientific evidence, requesting that active screening and treatment of the comorbid medical conditions become an integral part of an autism management process in both children and adults. It would be appreciated if you could share with us your thoughts on this document, together with your suggestions on the possible additional steps we could take to mitigate the needless suffering and mortality in this population. Could your organisation support us in any way to ensure that these objectives are met, for example by assisting in distributing electronically our document to your mailing list? We look forward to your suggestions and your cooperation in insuring a brighter future to people with autism. Sincerely, on behalf of the, Trustees, Treating Autism International House, 221 Bow Road, London, E3 2SJ trustees@treatingautism.co.uk Trustees, Autism Treatment Trust 29A Stafford Street, Edinburgh, EH3 7BJ admin@autismtreatmenttrust.org Lorene Amet D.Phil. M.Ed (Autism) l.amet@autismtreatmenttrust.org Autism Treatment Trust 29A Stafford Street Edinburgh Eh3 7BJ Tel: 0131 558 7444 Mob: 075 90 69 87 80 www.autismtreatmenttrust.org

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