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24 avril 2011 7 24 /04 /avril /2011 12:04
Arzneimittelforschung. 1991 Sep;41(9):905-9.

Effects of Vaccinium Myrtillus anthocyanosides on arterial vasomotion.


Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Institute of Clinical Physiology, Pisa, Italy.

The effects of Vaccinium Myrtillus anthocyanosides (Myrtocyan, VMA; CAS 84082-34-8) on arteriolar vasomotion were assessed in cheek pouch microcirculation of anesthetized hamsters and in skeletal muscle microvasculature of unanesthetized hamster skin fold window preparation.


Intravenously injected VMA induced vasomotion in cheek pouch arterioles and terminal arterioles with higher frequency in smaller vessels.


In the skeletal muscle arteriolar networks VMA increased vasomotion frequency and amplitude in all vessel orders.


The results indicate that VMA are effective in promoting and enhancing arteriolar rhythmic diameter changes, that play a role in the redistribution of microvascular blood flow and interstitial fluid formation.

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