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6 mars 2011 7 06 /03 /mars /2011 10:33


Summary: The possibility of a Rickettsial origin for symptoms of depression and psychotic disfunction has been suggested by French scientists (Ch. Nicolle, Giroud, Legag, Jadin, Bottero) in their published works. Hence 300 patients, diagnosed as suffering from depression, or other neuropsychiatric dysfunction have been treated with antibiotic where a positive indicaton of Rickettsial infection was revealed as follows:

1.Many symptoms of these patients were similar to those exhibited in chronic Rickettsial diseases. 2.The treatment followed the finding that their serum reacted positively to the Giroud micro-agglutination test.

Giroud Test - specific for testing antibodies to these 5 antigens (R36):

ß Rickettsia Prowazeki ß R. Mooseri ß R. Conori ß Coxiella Burnetti

ß Neo-R. Q18

Done by micro agglutination Depends on the quality of antigens Comparative studies with IFA test gave very similar result

ß Positive reaction = presence of antibodies; (does not necessarily mean illness)

ß Negative reaction does not suppress Rickettsial etiology (R1,25)

Done by micro agglutination Patients and Methods: Statistics of 300 patients (100% Caucasian)







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