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9 juin 2012 6 09 /06 /juin /2012 22:01
Hi Mr Salzberg,

Correct: autism is a complex & difficult condition where vaccines, heavy metals, genes, various pathogens have a role to play.
But so are many neurological, psychiatric & auto immune pathologies.
Truth is never one in Medicine.
It happened that a few decades ago, world-famous & highly successful medical scientists�- see attachment - did analyse this  condition- autism - & came to the conclusion that infectious components were part of it. Over 200.000 serological examinations of neurological & psychological cases were reported to be positive for rickettsial & neo-rickettsial ( mycoplasma & chlamydiae ) infections in 1986. The treatment with a specific regime of antibiotics has been proven to be successful for over forty years. Initiated by Dr Paul Legag, Professor Paul Giroud, Professor JB Jadin, Bernard Griest, Cyril Ganham and Doctor Philippe Bottero in a first time, then reused by myself, Doctor Joe Burrascano, Doctor Robert Bransfield, Doctor Garth Nicolson and others.
This scientific basis - followed & providentially reinitiated by Professor Luc Montagnier - is considerable, but has just been unfortunately discontinued by the majority of medical practitioners.
The success of this method has proven to be massive.
Many “vulnerable parents” will be eager to confirm this. But you would therefore need to approach them.
On the other hand the electromagnetic waves concept of Professor Luc Montagnier to identify various micro organisms leads to a brilliant future in Microbiology.

Yours sincerely,

Doctor Cecile Jadin.

Specialist medical surgeon
Specialist in infectious diseases – South Africa
Member of Ratna Working Group - San Francisco
Member of Chronimed - Paris
Member of the Allison Hunter Foundation - Sydney

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