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Some bacterial and viral DNA sequences have been found to induce low frequency electromagnetic waves in high aqueous dilutions.


This phenomenon appears to be triggered by the ambient electromagnetic background of very low frequency.


We discuss this phenomenon in the framework of quantum field theory. A scheme able to account for the observations is proposed.


The reported phenomenon could allow to develop highly sensitive detection systems for chronic bacterial and viral infections.



Conclusions and medical applications



In this paper we have described the experiments showing a new property of DNA and the induction of electromagnetic waves in water dilutions.


We have briefly depicted the theoretical scheme which can explain qualitatively the features observed in these experiments.

We remark that it is possible to detect the same EMS from the plasma of patients suffering from various infections and chronic diseases.


The plasma has to be kept fresh and unfrozen.


If the plasma is frozen at −70 C then one must extract the DNA in order to recover the signals. The DNA can be also extracted from tissue biopsies.


The list of diseases in which EMS have been found (such as Alzheimer, Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis, various neuropathies, chronic Lyme syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis) indicate clearly that their presence is not limited to diseases known to be of infectious origin:


The fact that EMS have been found in diseases not known to be of infectious origin is intriguing, and leads us to seek bacterial or viral factors in these diseases.


A special case is that of HIV. Signals have been regularly detected coming from HIV DNA sequences in the blood of patients treated by antiretroviral therapy and responding well to that treatment by the disappearance of viral RNA copies in the circulating blood.


This would indicate that such DNA comes from a reservoir not accessible to the classical treatment, and not from viral particles circulating in the blood.


Moreover, not only the plasma of the patients, but also the red blood cell fraction contains DNA emitting signals.


This is intriguing, as the red cells do not contain any cellular DNA, and as the virus does not bind to erythrocyte membrane.


The possibility that a third element is involved is under investigation.


The hypothesis [2] has been put forward that the antiretroviral treatment, which includes reverse transcriptase inhibitors, is itself selecting for a new way of viral DNA replication involving one or several cellular DNA polymerases.


As for the M. pirum DNA, it is suggested that the HIV DNA fragments and their nanostructures present in the blood may not originate from cell lysis but, on the contrary, represent pieces of definite size able to recombine in the appropriate recipient cells (lymphocytes) to form whole genomic DNA and finally regenerate infectious virus.


Whatever is the origin of this DNA, its easy detection by electromagnetic signals may render it a unique biomarker for attacking the viral reservoir. Its existence in the blood by more classical PCR technology has also been confirmed [2].


One thus has a powerful tool to test new types of treatment aimed at eradicating HIV infection, which has never yet been achieved, by the treatments actually in use.


This is particularly important for patients in countries in which HIV prevalence is very high, (5 − 10 % in a large part of sub-Saharan Africa).


The process of launching clinical trials inWest and South Africa to test new therapeutics is planned.


Their efficacy will be monitored by this new test, together with the improvement of more classical parameters, evaluating the full restoration of the immune system.


The objective here is eradication of HIV infection, so that it will not be necessary for patients to be treated for life by a combination of toxic and expensive drugs.


Our work is interdisciplinary, involving biologists, physicists, and medical doctors. There are of course many unresolved questions raised by our findings, which deserve more work and more interactions.


DNA signalling is stimulated by 7 Hz naturally occurring waves on earth. Waves produced by the human brain are also in the range of 7 Hz. These are interesting questions to be asked and possibly answered.



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